Better life to Community

Having Tanzanian community with better life.

To empower and support marginalized groups through provision of social services, legal advice assistance and economic interventions

Values & Regulations

Integrity, Honest, Hard work, Team work, Accountability, Sense of belonging, Respect, Care, Equality, Quality over quantity, Objectivity, Transparency.


Community Concern of Orphans and Development Association (COCODA) formally registered as a non-governmental organization in Tanzania in year 2000. COCODA's establishment, as its name suggests, resulted from intensifying concern among community members in small town of Njombe over the surging number of orphans, mainly as a consequence to swelling amount of people infected by HIV and dying from AIDS, majority being adults leaving behind young children without parents.
It was obvious then also that this trend had a direct negative impact on social and community development. Hence COCODA envisioned offering effective response to this situation through providing education to local community members so as to increase awareness on facts about HIV/AIDS in order to reduce new infections and stimulate mobilization for all matters related to HIV/AIDS including care of orphans.

Since its establishment COCODA has recorded scaled achievement as evidenced by substantial numbers of community members reached by various programmatic interventions implemented by the organization as well as heightened level of partnership with funding partners, the government as well as community based implementing partners. Looking back at 18 years of work today COCODA proudly boasts of successful completion of impactful interventions implemented mainly through funding support of PEPFAR/USAID and Global Fund for HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria among other.

Following a record of successful achievement of projects' goals and targets in timely manner and high quality, COCODA has continued to be a major recipient of grants through key HIV/AIDS and development organizations including Family Health International, CARE, and Foundation for Civil Society. Also COCODA has received grants through Rapid Funding Envelop, PACT Tanzania, AFRICARE and JHPIEGO.

From the time of establishment COCODA has sustained its work at local community levels and especially among rural communities. As a result eighteen years after its establishment the organization has developed an asset of immeasurable understanding and proficiency of working with Tanzania's rural communities.